Art by Chris P.

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Becoming Darth Vader in Lego

Happy Anniversary my love!
Another amazing Lego animation by Chris P. enjoy! With the Oscars coming up, I wanted to do something Oscar worthy;^)
My own little touch on the opening to the show "Friends" done in Lego animation style. ENJOY!! Follow me on Instagram for daily Lego style pics at... Tronsoda And everything's always at

Lego Chris P. and Lego Sarah getting ready for the Holidays! 

Lego animation featuring the song "The Final Countdown" from rock legends Europe. A game of Paper, Scissors, Rock brought to full intensity. This was inspire...
A shout out to my friend Greg
Animating with creative help from two fantastic little girls. Animating with the use of their art work.
Lego Chris P. has been challenged by Lego Sarah for the ALS ice bucket challenge. It's gonna be crazy!! Another brilliant short from Chris P.
Lego animation of where the Millennium Falcon came from. Great cameo's from DC and Marvel Hero's such as Captain America, Flash, Joker, Doc Oct, Spiderman an...
Lego Cat gets his in this one... but in a good way.
I wanted to build and do a full set animation but didn't know what to do. My friend Nathan and I were hangin' out talking and he said he was trying to put th...
Me carving my Halloween Pumpkin
Stop motion shots, mostly clouds, set to music. Me playing guitar
It's a classic style flip animation I did on my nintendo DS
A animation short I made. Built the set and used some of my toys. Done on my nintendo 3DS camara.
Putting Lego's togather by animation is so much more fun. Hope you like the soundtrack as well. Check out more of my art at